About us

About us

Your professionals from WR Certification

WR Certification Company aims to bring every client´s project up to the successful completion. This is a part of our self-identification. Relationships with the clients and business partners are crucial to us, that is why we keep promises we made. It does not happen by itself, it would be impossible without a strong team and devoted professional people. We eager to deal with the challenges. All our employees are well acquainted with Russian culture. We are familiar with the authorised institutions mentality and constantly monitor the latest certification regulations.

We have been on the market for four years. We have experienced team of employees, highly qualified in certification sphere. Each year we show high-performance activity, owing to individual approach to every customer. We don’t chase after quantity, but quality. Reliability is the highest priority within the framework of cooperation with our customers and international organizations. Not least because every new project is of the same great importance, as the previous one, we can successfully perform such responsible certification work for a long time.

Providing our customers with professional assessment and expertise, our engineers have wide specialization profile. Thus our team with extraordinary passion and unique experience provides absolute customer satisfaction and superior service standards in various fields, namely:

  • Chemistry
  • Compressor equipment
  • Environmental technologies
  • Power Industry
  • Metallurgical engineering
  • Engineering
  • Electrical engineering.

So when we say, „We have certified almost everything,“ it’s not only words.

 Even experts need training

It takes years, patience and practice to become an expert. A lot of knowledge and experience are required. However, even experts need training. There is a constant development in certification field. Entry of new technologies, requirements change on the state level, new laws issue. The only way to stay afloat is to improve our own skills continually.

Our engineers conduct training for your Company and your employees per your request and at your convenience to optimize the certification processes. At their turn our experts constantly perfect themselves by attending refresher courses and informational seminar devoted to  „Certification“ in order to keep up-to-day level. This is the only way to provide our customers with the highest quality services.

Contact in person, at any time

An integral part of each project success is expert knowledge and communication. By paying attention to every small detail and taking into consideration specific factors in the beginning, we can provide the accomplishment of the whole project at the final stage. This is our formula for success. At WR Certification we highly value communication with our customers. We are always available for you by phone or via e-mail. In addition, we frequently Skype with our customers to provide face-to-face communication. Personal meetings with our new and loyal customers are the part of our business etiquette.

You will feel like at home

To guarantee smooth certification process in Russia or EEU, it is necessary to know local culture well. The ways for product certification in Russia and European countries are completely different and involve different steps, authorities and procedures.

Trying to trace it without knowledge of relevant culture, a Client face multiple obstacle. Our team is well acquainted with the culture inside EEU, therefore we are down on to what authorities and people should be contacted to achieve the desired result in any situation. At the same time, we know the mentality of our customers and we see ourselves as intermediaries who build bridges between two different cultures.